"When the officers made contact with Mr. Hunt, preliminary evidence suggests that Mr. Hunt brandished the sword and lunged toward the officers with the sword, at which time Mr. Hunt was shot," Utah County Chief Deputy Attorney Tim Taylor said in a statement.

But according to Edwards, an independent autopsy conducted Saturday at the behest of Hunt’s family showed Hunt had been shot “numerous times,” none from the front.

"This is consistent with statements made by witnesses on the scene, who report that Darrien was shot to death while running away from the police," Edwards said in a statement provided to the Los Angeles Times on Sunday. "It would appear difficult, if not impossible, to reconcile these facts with the story released by the Utah County Attorney’s Office that Darrien was lunging toward the officers when he was shot. We continue to hope that a full investigation will reveal the whole truth about this tragedy."


Anonymous asked:

is a burrito a sandwich?

kierongillen answered:

I helped David Hine and Mark Stafford at the weekend pack up. They rolled up the table cloth over their books on all sides, which made me think they’d basically made an enormous comic burrito.

This is me dodging the question.


I’ll take this, as I’m a bit of an expert on the subject.

No. A burrito is not a sandwich. A burrito is a burrito. Thank you for your question.

There is actually case law to support this.